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What is the Insights Portal?

The Insights Portal is a feature of CoughPro that provides valuable insights into your cough patterns. It offers several widgets that give you a deeper understanding of your cough data.

Here's what you can see on the Insights Portal:

  1. Coughs Today Widget: This widget displays an overview of the coughs tracked for each hour over the past 24 hours, along with the total coughs tracked during that period. It helps you understand the distribution of your coughs throughout the day.

  2. Time Tracked & Cough Rate Widget: This widget shows the number of hours you've had CoughPro on and tracked your cough over the past 24 hours. It also displays the average cough rate per hour during that timeframe. Clicking on this widget provides more detailed insights, allowing you to track hours per day, week, and month and make historical comparisons to observe changes in your cough over time.

  3. CoughTrend Widget: The CoughTrend widget indicates whether your cough is increasing or decreasing relative to recent days. By comparing the cough rate from the past 24 hours to rates from the preceding four days, CoughPro performs statistical analysis to determine if the change is significant. The color and angle of the CoughTrend arrow represent the magnitude of the change, giving you valuable information about your cough's trend.

  4. Cough Report Widget: This widget presents four measures that provide insights into your cough patterns. The "Cough Clock" visually represents the hours of the day when you typically cough the most. A longer and darker "pie slice" indicates a higher cough frequency during that hour, while shorter and lighter slices represent lower rates. It gives you a comprehensive view of your cough distribution throughout the day.

The Insights Portal in CoughPro offers these widgets to help you gain valuable insights and better understand your cough patterns.