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What is the Cough Report and how can I access it?

The Cough Report is a feature in CoughPro that allows you to view your cough data in a set of graphical reports. These reports can help to better understand cough, including the frequency and timing of coughs. 

In the Main screen of the app, you can press the “Explore your data” button to access the Insights Portal. In there you can press the Cough Report widget at the bottom of the screen.

The Cough Report widget presents your cough patterns in four measures. The Cough Clock visually represents the hours of the day when you typically experience the most coughing. The longest and darkest "pie slice" indicates the peak coughing period, while shorter and lighter slices represent lower cough rates in other hours. You can also see your daily cough rate during the past seven days, your cough frequency per week compared to previous weeks, and your cough frequency per month compared to previous months.

You also have the option to download, print, or share the report with others. This can be helpful if you want to share cough data with other people who may be interested in your respiratory health. Start by selecting “Download PDF”. For users on both iOS and Android devices, open the downloaded PDF using a viewer or email app. Then, utilize the sharing functionality to send the report via email. 

Please note the following:

  1. Sharing steps may differ depending on your phone's brand and operating system.
  2. Specific phone models might have distinct steps for sharing. In such cases, consider searching online for instructions relevant to your device. You could write "share webpage on [your phone brand/model]" to get specific instructions.