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What are the features can I find on CoughPro?

CoughPro is a simple and easy-to-use mobile app designed to help you get proactive about tracking your cough. In addition to the core features, there are several additional features that you can find on CoughPro to enhance your user experience and overall health tracking efforts.

Some of the additional features that you can find may include:

  • Tracking Reminders: you can set specific and manual times of tracking and get a notification 10 minutes before it starts. For more information click here. (it will link to the question talking about schedule tracking)
  • Insights Portal: By clicking on the "Explore Your Data" button, you'll be taken to our Insights Portal, where you can discover more about your cough count, frequency, and trending patterns. Inside the portal, you can find different widgets that will help you understand your cough:
      • The Coughs Today widget provides a comprehensive view of the coughs tracked over the past day. You can see how many coughs were recorded for each hour, giving you a detailed breakdown of your cough patterns throughout the day. Additionally, the widget displays the total coughs tracked over the past 24 hours.
      • The Time Tracked widget shows you the number of hours you've had CoughPro active and tracking your coughs within the last 24 hours. It also provides the cough rate, which is the average number of coughs per hour over the preceding 24 hours. This information helps you understand the intensity of your coughing during different time periods.
      • The CoughTrend widget analyzes your cough rate over the past 24 hours and compares it to the previous week. By using statistical analysis, we determine whether there's a significant change in your cough rate. The color and angle of the CoughTrend arrow reflect the magnitude of change, indicating whether your cough is increasing or decreasing relative to recent days.
      • Bursts: You can use this widget to spot clusters of consecutive coughs in your data.
      • Oases: Track those moments when you have no coughing. This widget helps you understand when and how often you get breaks from coughing.
  • Cough Report: presents your cough patterns in four measures. The Cough Clock visually represents the hours of the day when you typically experience the most coughing. The longest and darkest "pie slice" indicates the peak coughing period, while shorter and lighter slices represent lower cough rates in other hours.

    You can also see your daily cough rate during the past seven days, your cough frequency per week compared to previous weeks, and your cough frequency per month compared to previous months. For more information click here. (it will link to the question talking about cough report)
  • Technical Support: a way for you to ask questions, give feedback and raise bugs by going to your User Profile and tapping on the “Technical Support” button. You can also reach out to us via support@coughpro.com

Additional and detailed information on these features can be found in the “Product Feature” category in the Frequently Asked Questions section.