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Do you have video tutorials available?

Yes, we do! We understand that visual guidance can greatly enhance the user experience. You can access them in this link.

Currently, we have four video tutorials to assist you in navigating different aspects of CoughPro:

  1. Home Screen Tutorial: This video provides an overview of the home screen layout and its various components.

  2. Tips and Tricks Tutorial: Our "Top 5 Tips for Optimal Tracking" video offers essential guidance to ensure you make the most out of your tracking experience.

  3. App Overview Tutorial: If you're new to CoughPro, our comprehensive app overview video will walk you through the primary features and functionalities, helping you understand the app's capabilities.

  4. Cough Report Tutorial: Discover how to access and interpret the Cough Report feature with our dedicated tutorial. It showcases how to gain valuable insights into your cough patterns for better understanding.

If there's a specific topic or feature you'd like us to cover in a video tutorial, feel free to reach out to us. We're more than happy to consider your suggestions and create videos that cater to your needs. Simply get in touch with us at support@coughpro.com to request a new video tutorial.